Online course based on the experience and knowledge
of professional crypto investors and traders
owning assets worth $ 1mln




Next group starts on 4 January 2022

Course authors and speakers
Max and Valerie
Entrepreneurs, investors

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Who is this course for?
  • For 'dummies'
    Those who want to understand how crypto currencies work, work out a strategy and make a fortune.
  • For those who want to save and grow
    Increase their fortune several-fold and learn about all ways to make money on crypto.
  • Gain profound knowledge
    For those who know the basics and want to dig deeper into the subject.
  • Get detailed guidelines
    For those who need step-by-step instructions on creating wallets, stockmarket accounts and purchasing crypto assets
Course content:
Access to the chat Help, where students get full support on all stages of learning and during practice.
Extra: Closed chats for course participants
The lessons are supplemented with home assignments.
Having doubts whether you will be able to understand the material?
Refer to the lesson extracts and make sure that all the information is presented in detail and clearly. In addition to each lesson you will get instructions with screen shots and a step-by-step description of actions
All lessons are conducted in this format - the theoretical part is supported by a presentation and the practical part is done with a shared screen.
All practical lessons are conducted with parallel screen sharing.
How is the course organized?
Дадим подробную теоретическую базу, без нее никуда
Разберемся в сути криптовалютных технологий, мировой денежно-кредитной системе, перспективе криптовалют
Разберемся подробно в видах заработка на криптовалютах. Разберем техническую сторону вопроса, выбор бирж и монет
Пошагово научим создавать аккаунты на биржах, кошельки, пополнять и выводить средства
Дадим все ресурсы для поиска и анализа информации
Дадим доступ в закрытый Telegram канал с участниками для обсуждения вопросов и идей
What does the course provide?
  • Complete theoretical base, which you cannot do without
    Deep study of cryptocurrency technologies , global monetary and credit system and crypto prospects

    Detailed study of different kinds of crypto earnings

    Technical side of the subject, choice of crypto markets and coins

    Step-by-step instructions on creating stockmarket accounts,wallets, depositing and withdrawing funds

    All resources for information search and analysis

    Access to the closed Telegram channel to discuss questions and ideas

    Check the program

  • Необходимые технические навыки
    Изучите все способы заработка на криптовалютах.

    Научитесь выбирать биржи и работать с ними.

    Узнаете, какие кошельки использовать для хранения и где какие риски

    Как стейкать монеты и как правильно выбирать условия и оценивать риски

    Где и что лучше фармить, как правильно оценивать доходность и риски

    Где искать инфо о токенсейлах и как в них участвовать

  • Источники информации
    Получите необходимые источники информации (скринеры, сервисы для работы с графиками, анализаторы и т.д.)

    Получите подборку Телеграмм каналов и twitter аккаунтов, где много полезных мыслей, идей и мнений о рынке

    Получите ресурсы для участия в токенсейлах

  • Ведение портфеля после покупки
    Система принятия решений

    Узнаете разные стратегии инвестирования

    Дадим понимание фиксации прибыли и покупки бумаг

    Покажем подход к ребалансировке портфеля

How is the course organized?
1. The course is recorded.
The lessons are recorded, you will be able to watch the videos whenever it is convenient for you.
2. The course duration.
The course lasts 2 weeks. (The link to new lessons will be sent on every working day at 20:00 to your email), 2 weeks later you will be able to start a full-scale investment process.


3. Chats
All the course participants are provided access to the chat, where experts answer all their questions about studying, as well as to the separate chat 'Market', where ideas for investing are shared and discussed.
4. Supplementary materials.
All the instructions, presentations, check-lists for the course can be downloaded and used in further work.

How can I put into practice the experience gained during the course?
1) You will gain insight into the technology. You will be protected against lack of knowledge.

2) You will open an account on the most advanced crypto market and will gain knowledge about its opportunities. You will choose a secure wallet according to your strategy. Cost-effectiveness, security, access to all promising tools.

3) You will gain insights into purchase/sale, staking and farming, withdrawing and depositing funds. No stress and information search.

4) You will learn to forge your portfolio from promising assets and get additional passive income from them. Profit maximization.

5) Based on the resources you will get, you will learn how to find and buy promising assets, which give hundreds % profitability. You will be the first to find out about new projects, not just when they are covered by all media.

6) You will be able to manage your portfolio without anyone's help, understanding when to buy and sell assets and how to make right decisions. Independence from anyone, earning anywhere and any time.

What else?
  • Saving your time and energy
    You will not have to spend your weekends and free evenings searching for and systematizing information, all knowledge will be in one place, a ready list of unique sources, which we have been collecting for years, and a chat with peers, where you can discuss and /or get some ideas.
  • Substantial earnings within a very short time
    You will earn much more than from previous investments. Anyone entering the crypto market observes this.
  • Change your life
    Get an opportunity to make your life freer or find a new job, there is a great variety of vacancies in crypto industry, you need basic knowledge, which you will gain during the course.
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Valerie's presentation
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Investment results of past periods do not provide guarantee for future returns. All investment decisions must be taken with no duress from interested parties, according to the investor's aims and opportunities.
None of the references to companies on websites belonging to Private Entrepreneur Kraskova shall be considered as an advertisement or an attempt to soil business reputation. Any coincidences are random.
By 'investments' we shall basically mean purchasing cryptocurrencies by an investor.
The services are provided according to the offer. Consulting services and educational courses do not involve a guideline to follow and/or compulsion to invest in any assets and are merely a source of information. A decision on investing funds shall be made by an investor without outside help. The decisions suggested shall not be considered as individual investment recommendations. Investments on the cryptomarket do not give any promises and do not guarantee returns.

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